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Chapter One: First of Firsts. Aphrodite meets a stranger and has anal sex for the first time.

Chapter Two: Two Into One. Dave takes Aphrodite to visit a friend and they enjoy an MMF threesome. 

Chapter Three: Three Times Lucky. Dave and Aphrodite have risky fun in the office basement. 

Chapter Four: x4. Aphrodite is challenged by an MMMMF mini gang-bang.

Chapter Five: Interlude in a Churchyard. Aphrodite accepts that she is a submissive, and gives a blowjob in public. 

Chapter Six: Afternoon Delight. Aphrodite works from home, and Dave joins her. 

Chapter Seven: Losing Control. Aphrodite is tied and blindfolded for the first time. 

Chapter Eight: No Pain, No Gain. Aphrodite explores wax play and spanking during another daytime rendezvous.

Chapter Nine: So Many Men, So Little Time. Dave takes Aphrodite to speed dating.

Chapter Ten: Trussed/Trust. Aphrodite is bound and tortured in the basement. 

Chapter Eleven: New Faces. Dave and Aphrodite go to a munch, meet a girl, play with humiliation.

Chapter Twelve: Reflections. Aphrodite thinks about her wild journey so far.

Chapter Thirteen: 1+3. Dave brings Aphrodite to play with two friends for an MMMF party.

Chapter Fourteen: Meeting and Munching. Aphrodite goes to her first solo munch and makes friends.

Chapter Fifteen: Aphrodite Speaks. A first person look into the birthday present that keeps giving. 

Chapter Sixteen: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Aphrodite has her first ‘date’ and kiss with a girl, followed by a flogging.

Chapter Seventeen: Picture This. Aphrodite explores exhibitionism and Dave brutally flogs and fucks her.

Chapter Eighteen: Marked. Dave spanks Aphrodite hard and officially marks her as his sub.

Chapter Nineteen: Welcome to the Club. Aphrodite’s first visits to kinky club nights.

Chapter Twenty: Owned. Aphrodite explains what it feels like to be owned. 

Chapter Twenty-One: Threesome Reloaded. Dave and Aphrodite reconnect with their old friend Y for another MMF threesome. 

Chapter Twenty-Two: She for She. Dave introduces Aphrodite to beautiful switch P and they have an FFM threesome; Aphrodite experiences sex with a woman for the first time.

Chapter Twenty-Three: All Sixes and Nines. P is back for an even hotter night of FFM, featuring sex toys, oral, wax play and more.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Buzzing. Aphrodite buys a new vibrator and plays with Dave.

Chapter Twenty-Five: On the Ropes. Aphrodite attends a rope bondage/shibari class. 

Chapter Twenty-Six: Warming Up. Dave brings another sub girl for a threesome; includes pet play, humiliation and anal.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Damn! Very Sexy. Dave and Aphrodite try another kink club.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: In the Dark. Aphrodite is blindfolded and fucked by three men at an MMMF party. 

Chapter Twenty-Nine: All Dressed Up. Aphrodite attends a fun fancy-dress kink event solo, and meets some new people. 

Chapter Thirty: In the Night Garden. Dave and Aphrodite go to the biggest kink night and fuck in public. 

Chapter Thirty-One: Sugar Caned. Dave tries out his home-grown canes on Aphrodite.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Side by Side. Dave, Aphrodite and Y enjoy a MMF threesome whilst a new friend tries out her domme skills on F.

Chapter Thirty-Three: The Organiser. Aphrodite organises her own munch, and Dave hosts a life-drawing event with her as the model. 

Chapter Thirty-Four: A Meeting of Minds (and Lips). Dave introduces Aphrodite to Hera, an emerging domme. 

Chapter Thirty-Five: Small Acts. Aphrodite submits in small ways, including drawing her own asshole for Dave. 

Chapter Thirty-Six: Hot Town. Aphrodite plays with Hera for the first time in a hot FFM threesome.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Sub Squared. Dave brings in a new sub girl for some shared spanking and humiliation.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Mix and Match. Dave and Aphrodite go to a kinky house party, swap with another couple, and Aphrodite has a break down. 

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Strap in, Strap on. Aphrodite experiences Hera’s strap on and is double penetrated; FFM threesome. 

Chapter Forty: Through her Lens. Hera, Dave and Aphrodite play in the office basement and Hera captures the moment on camera. 

Chapter Forty-One: Challenges. Aphrodite finds aspects of their current lifestyle challenging and wonders how to overcome these obstacles.

Chapter Forty-Two: The Shot. After fucking, Aphrodite drinks Dave’s cum and films it. 

Dear DaveAphrodite pushes herself to breaking point, loses the plot and needs a serious break. 

Chapter Forty-Three: Sketching the future. Aphrodite makes a decision to get back in the game, and meets new friend Ares for orgasmic fun

Chapter Forty-Three Point Five: Vignette. Back on her back in the basement where she belongs.

Chapter Forty-Four: Put on the Red Light. Ares uses Aphrodite’s ass. 

Chapter 44: Put on the red light

The moment that brought her close to tapping out:

Strapped to the bed. Tongue out, clamped. Nipple also clamped. The wand on her clit. Collar round her neck. And an enormous dildo fucking her deep in the ass.

Ares was incredibly sweet but damn, did that boy have a filthy imagination and a sadistic streak the size of Sweden or what!

But, of course, a lot had happened on the way.

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43.5 Vignette

Back where she belonged

On her back

Holding her thighs to her ears, pressed into the hard floor

Face turning purple as he choked her harder than ever before

And ruined her ass

Fucking so deep in the hole he’d left untouched for months

The pain of it fire-bright

The spark in his eyes that said ah, I have you

He could kill her right now, the thought that flashed through her mind

As his grip was tight on her windpipe

And yet

Fuck me, she said, when he released her

And she couldn’t look away.

He had given her freedom to explore and do more if she wanted. Given her his help and support and what more could she ask?

Fuck me, she said, fuck what you own

She had given herself. Freely. Finding her way back to the thing that she craved

Yes, he owned her

And showed her over and over with every devastating thrust

Just who had mastery:








Chapter 43: Sketching the future

The thing about giving up, the thing about going back to grey and drab and dull was…it was hard.

She spent days lost in sadness, days when she couldn’t see straight for the dust in her heart. Over and over, the question. What does the world even hold for you?

Her birthday came and went without much ceremony- certainly not the magnificent gift of the year before. Autumn drew in and the heat of the summer that had stifled her was swept clear. She drew herself inwards, and sought ways to heal.

The thing that saved her: Dave was there, and he listened. Even as she ranted and raved, even as she wept in despair, he listened. Texted her twice a day, good morning and goodnight. Told her she could pull through. Didn’t duck out when there was nothing in it for him, and was accepting when she told him, “I’m not ready to give up yet.” Why should she? Why be the one left at home watching the clock while everyone else was living?

And putting together a contents page for the blog, she fell headlong into lust for adventure once more. Seeing her journey laid out like that, she was filled with amazement that she had really been Aphrodite. Dave was integral to that. She would not let go of the greatest thing in her life so far.

So, doors were open. Lights were on again. The mantle of Aphrodite was a little crumpled, but she draped it over her shoulders anyway.

She knew exactly where she wanted to get to. Now she had to get herself back on track.

Enter: Ares.

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Dear Dave

this is the way the world ends

this is the way the world ends

this is the way the world ends. for the last time.

N.K. Jemisin, The Fifth Season

Dear Dave,

It’s funny this, my last letter as a sub. My last letter as Aphrodite. I suggested the name because I was uncomfortable calling my blog ‘Dave’s slut’ when I had known you for all of two weeks. But also, you remember the writing I showed you? The piece I wrote three years ago, ‘Notes on womanhood’, with the recollection of a long ago dinner:

‘He leans over, and through the boozy fog whispers, ”You could be someone’s Aphrodite.” I file it away in the mental box marked things people – men – say to me between 11 and 2. I take it out from time to time, examine it, and wish it were true’

I think back to myself at the time of writing that. Unsure of myself, mostly. Lacking in self esteem. So uncomfortable with sex and sexuality I needed a therapist. Naive. Inexperienced.

I answered your advert because I needed something to lift me out of the grey world I was inhabiting. I found you. You made me Aphrodite.

I’ve already written you many messages about the golden moments I will treasure. Yes, I will treasure them. A week after we met I was walking along the street with my friend and I felt like this ray of light came down and pierced me and filled me with a sense of hope that I had never felt before. That moment when I was between your hands and Y’s, suddenly confident in my own skin, totally present in my body and so powerful in my sexuality. I said before I wanted to bottle those feelings and my God, I could use them right now.

I am sad that we got ourselves lost in challenges and I’m sad that people got hurt – including me. I am going to be sad for a bit, I think. But I will come through.

The thing is, you cannot live in a fantasy forever, and I know that. Dorothy can’t remain in full technicolour; she has to return to monochrome Kansas. As must I. I pushed myself hard – too hard – and let my need to submit override sense at times. I learned that I can’t switch off my emotions no matter how much I’d like to, and ultimately I am not that person who can juggle multiple emotional entanglements. But you also pushed, to the point of breaking me, and without really listening to me. And that’s enough, now. I can’t submit without trust.

I’m leaving it up to you to navigate the wreckage. I’m hauling myself up and out and taking a long old break from, well, everything. I need to heal my soul.

You’ve been my best friend for almost a year. You’ve had all of me – physically, yes, but also those inner parts I haven’t given to anyone else. Ever. You’ve been the only person in my life to date, outside my family, to see and understand the real me. That’s not lovesick hyperbole.

Nobody saw the way you treated me when it got really rough. The care you gave me, the way you set me up with routines to keep me sane, let me text you any hour of the day with my worries, let me cry on your shoulder on many occasions, even the fricking fresh turmeric you bought me when I was ill and made me grate on my food. You were there for me in my darkest hours when nobody else was.

You broke my trust this week and let me down, badly, after I made it so clear what I needed. It’s the last time I will let you. You know that and I have said it now to your face. I have also said many other things about the way you’ve behaved recently and the trail of destruction you left in your wake. I am not an idiot. Ultimately we both agree that maybe we should have ended this journey months ago. But I was stubborn and I wouldn’t let go.

I am not in this for blame, recriminations or bitterness. I know you. You know me. And although I have written almost everything right here on this blog for the world to read, at the end of it all nobody else can touch that.

I’m letting go now. I’m letting Aphrodite flutter in the breeze and float away. I refuse to regret. I got to be a goddess in the underworld for a little while and ain’t that something?

No longer yours, but greater, not diminished –

A x

Chapter 42: The Shot

He had her up against the wall, fingers closed in on windpipe, lifting her almost off the floor. She tried to keep kissing him but the pain was distracting.

“Feel my cock. Feel every part. Remember it exactly. I want you to do a better job of drawing it, next time.”

Her furtive sketch, from memory as ordered, hadn’t exactly been life-like.

He reached into her mouth and grasped her tongue, digging his nails into it. She whimpered.

“Keep touching.”

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Chapter 41: Challenges

Aphrodite had found some aspects of submission easy over the last ten months. Anal: she needed no warming up, no training, no lube. Satisfying Dave: she took to the concept like a duck to water, finding pleasure in pleasing him even though that was a new idea to her.

But lately she had run up against challenges – some of them unexpected. The major challenge being how to deal with other people being part of the equation.

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Chapter 40: Through her lens

Oh, the things that shower room had seen: Aphrodite bound in clingfilm, being tortured with all manner of things; Dave ramming home his dildo until she screamed; a healthy number of vigorous ass-fucks.

Now Hera was here too, to join in with the risky fun. And she brought her camera.

Dave pinned Aphrodite against the wall by her neck. She was craving her fix, badly. Damn him, why did he have to make her addicted to his kiss, his cock, his smell, his power over her? He had already undressed her, and himself, and turning her to face the wall, rubbed his cock between her thighs. Tease. She couldn’t wait for him to open her.

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Chapter 38: Mix and Match

Dave and Aphrodite walked down a broad, tree-lined street, past a succession of enormous redbrick houses. The night was warm and still and quiet. An unlikely setting for a kinky party. But there were the bouncers, standing cross-armed by a gate and ready to welcome them in.

Inside the gate they found a house of almost unbelievable size and opulence. There was a hot tub, pool, garage-cum-dungeon and a selection of bedrooms for play. Additionally, there was a large kitchen for mingling and a lounge, both projecting porn films on the wall.

A was not sure what to expect from the night as it was a totally new event and undoubtedly a lot of new faces. She had asked Dave if they could go to an event together because she needed to recover some of her confidence as a sub and on the scene after some time away. As always, she also wanted to learn more about a new facet of this world.

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