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Chapter One: First of Firsts. Aphrodite meets a stranger and has anal sex for the first time.

Chapter Two: Two Into One. Dave takes Aphrodite to visit a friend and they enjoy an MMF threesome. 

Chapter Three: Three Times Lucky. Dave and Aphrodite have risky fun in the office basement. 

Chapter Four: x4. Aphrodite is challenged by an MMMMF mini gang-bang.

Chapter Five: Interlude in a Churchyard. Aphrodite accepts that she is a submissive, and gives a blowjob in public. 

Chapter Six: Afternoon Delight. Aphrodite works from home, and Dave joins her. 

Chapter Seven: Losing Control. Aphrodite is tied and blindfolded for the first time. 

Chapter Eight: No Pain, No Gain. Aphrodite explores wax play and spanking during another daytime rendezvous.

Chapter Nine: So Many Men, So Little Time. Dave takes Aphrodite to speed dating.

Chapter Ten: Trussed/Trust. Aphrodite is bound and tortured in the basement. 

Chapter Eleven: New Faces. Dave and Aphrodite go to a munch, meet a girl, play with humiliation.

Chapter Twelve: Reflections. Aphrodite thinks about her wild journey so far.

Chapter Thirteen: 1+3. Dave brings Aphrodite to play with two friends for an MMMF party.

Chapter Fourteen: Meeting and Munching. Aphrodite goes to her first solo munch and makes friends.

Chapter Fifteen: Aphrodite Speaks. A first person look into the birthday present that keeps giving. 

Chapter Sixteen: Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. Aphrodite has her first ‘date’ and kiss with a girl, followed by a flogging.

Chapter Seventeen: Picture This. Aphrodite explores exhibitionism and Dave brutally flogs and fucks her.

Chapter Eighteen: Marked. Dave spanks Aphrodite hard and officially marks her as his sub.

Chapter Nineteen: Welcome to the Club. Aphrodite’s first visits to kinky club nights.

Chapter Twenty: Owned. Aphrodite explains what it feels like to be owned. 

Chapter Twenty-One: Threesome Reloaded. Dave and Aphrodite reconnect with their old friend Y for another MMF threesome. 

Chapter Twenty-Two: She for She. Dave introduces Aphrodite to beautiful switch P and they have an FFM threesome; Aphrodite experiences sex with a woman for the first time.

Chapter Twenty-Three: All Sixes and Nines. P is back for an even hotter night of FFM, featuring sex toys, oral, wax play and more.

Chapter Twenty-Four: Buzzing. Aphrodite buys a new vibrator and plays with Dave.

Chapter Twenty-Five: On the Ropes. Aphrodite attends a rope bondage/shibari class. 

Chapter Twenty-Six: Warming Up. Dave brings another sub girl for a threesome; includes pet play, humiliation and anal.

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Damn! Very Sexy. Dave and Aphrodite try another kink club.

Chapter Twenty-Eight: In the Dark. Aphrodite is blindfolded and fucked by three men at an MMMF party. 

Chapter Twenty-Nine: All Dressed Up. Aphrodite attends a fun fancy-dress kink event solo, and meets some new people. 

Chapter Thirty: In the Night Garden. Dave and Aphrodite go to the biggest kink night and fuck in public. 

Chapter Thirty-One: Sugar Caned. Dave tries out his home-grown canes on Aphrodite.

Chapter Thirty-Two: Side by Side. Dave, Aphrodite and Y enjoy a MMF threesome whilst a new friend tries out her domme skills on F.

Chapter Thirty-Three: The Organiser. Aphrodite organises her own munch, and Dave hosts a life-drawing event with her as the model. 

Chapter Thirty-Four: A Meeting of Minds (and Lips). Dave introduces Aphrodite to Hera, an emerging domme. 

Chapter Thirty-Five: Small Acts. Aphrodite submits in small ways, including drawing her own asshole for Dave. 

Chapter Thirty-Six: Hot Town. Aphrodite plays with Hera for the first time in a hot FFM threesome.

Chapter Thirty-Seven: Sub Squared. Dave brings in a new sub girl for some shared spanking and humiliation.

Chapter Thirty-Eight: Mix and Match. Dave and Aphrodite go to a kinky house party, swap with another couple, and Aphrodite has a break down. 

Chapter Thirty-Nine: Strap in, Strap on. Aphrodite experiences Hera’s strap on and is double penetrated; FFM threesome. 

Chapter Forty: Through her Lens. Hera, Dave and Aphrodite play in the office basement and Hera captures the moment on camera. 

Chapter Forty-One: Challenges. Aphrodite finds aspects of their current lifestyle challenging and wonders how to overcome these obstacles.

Chapter Forty-Two: The Shot. After fucking, Aphrodite drinks Dave’s cum and films it. 

Dear DaveAphrodite pushes herself to breaking point, loses the plot and needs a serious break. 

Chapter Forty-Three: Sketching the future. Aphrodite makes a decision to get back in the game, and meets new friend Ares for orgasmic fun.

Chapter Forty-Three Point Five: Vignette. Back on her back in the basement where she belongs.

Chapter Forty-Four: Put on the Red Light. Ares uses Aphrodite’s ass. 

Chapter Forty-Five: Cravings. Aphrodite and Dave snatch time; she has cravings.

Chapter Forty-Six: Ties that Bind. Fishnets, cable ties, plastic bags and a vibrator.

Chapter Forty-Seven: Speaking Up. Aphrodite requests honesty; Dave listens.

Chapter Forty-Eight: Stretching Limits. Aphrodite finally gets her time with Dave’s cock; they play with a speculum

Chapter Forty-Nine: Owned Part II. Aphrodite reflects on a year of intense learning. 

Chapter Fifty: Below the Belt. Dave abuses Aphrodite with his belt. 

Chapter Fifty-One: To Market. Aphrodite muses on one of her favourite kinky scene events. 

Chapter Fifty-Two: A Beat Too Far. Aphrodite and Dave play with stunning sub Freyja in a straight girl mff; Aphrodite learns a lot about herself.

Chapter Fifty-Three: A Portrait of the Author as a Submissive. Aphrodite thinks about how much she has changed since the beginning, and what kind of sub she is.

Chapter Fifty-Four: Turn and Face the Strange. Dave spends his time with Diana and not with Aphrodite; Aphrodite tries to make it work.

Chapter Fifty-Five: Back Once Again. After many weeks, Dave takes Aphrodite in the basement.

Chapter Fifty-Six: Fantasy Land. Aphrodite goes to a costume shop.

Chapter Fifty-Seven: For the Ride. Dave and Aphrodite share a surprisingly passionate night.

Chapter Fifty-Eight: Things Lost. Aphrodite is alone and struggling.

Chapter Fifty-Nine: Left Hanging. Dave and Aphrodite go to a club and she experiences her first full rope suspension. 

Chapter Sixty: From Play to Play. After four months, he plays with her. She feels fulfilled. 

Chapter Sixty-One: One Forbidden Night. Dave and Aphrodite attend a cool club to dance, mingle and play. 

Chapter Sixty-Two: A Song of Fire and Water. Dave uses a range of toys on Aphrodite, including her first water play, in conjunction with the joys of wax. 

Chapter Sixty-Three: The Taste of Fear. Extreme bondage and rough anal. 

Chapter 66: A Patchwork Princess

She was in straps from hips to shoulders, bound up in black elastic. He had made her try it on for him and then, of course, he was horny.

He settled himself on the bed and she crawled towards him, filled with yearning to please. His cock was hardening fast and she licked from root to top, taking it into her mouth to feel him grow to full size. Soon he was at full mast: thick, dark pink and oh so tempting.

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Chapter 65: Wilkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome

Dave dropped her off outside the venue and said goodbye. Aphrodite was off to another party on her own, but this time she had earned her place through her talent and skill (sort of) and that was a great feeling.

She was wearing an off the shoulder, body con mini dress in scarlet. Underneath, she had a strapless, black lace bra, black suspender belt, stockings and a strappy thong. Black heels completed the look. 

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Chapter 64: Girls Just Wanna

There was always more pressure when dressing for other women, Aphrodite thought. Men saw tits and ass and would probably rip off whatever you were wearing in the first five minutes. Women saw colour, form and embellishment. So picking out what to wear to a girls-only gathering was pretty difficult. 

In the end she went for the red set: sheer, nude mesh bra embroidered with scarlet flowers and finished with red ribbon; a red suspender belt with tiny diamante studs; and red knickers with a bow at the front. Nude stockings and nude heels completed the look. She curled her hair and had lips to match the lingerie. A black slinky dress on top. Now she was ready. 

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Review: Smoke

If there is one thing guaranteed to make me happy, it’s going to the theatre. So when the opportunity arose to see a play based on kink dynamics, with Dave by my side, how could I say no? Three of my favourite things in one evening.

It’s a slight change from our regular programming here at Dave’s Aphrodite, but I wanted to share with you my review of the play. It was a great experience, and stimulating in many ways to see a creative work draw on the language and nuances of the community I’ve been exploring. I also liked sharing it with Dave. He is not a theatre-goer, so I worried that he was going to find it boring or difficult to stay still for so long! I had a bit of sub-anxiety that I’d arranged something he would hate. But actually, he also enjoyed it, and that added a layer of extra satisfaction for me.

I also liked meeting the person who invited us! It is always a joy to connect with creative and kinky minds, and sharing more than one common interest is such a bonus.

Find my review below:

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Chapter 62: A song of fire and water

The warm water lapped against her shoulders. Her wet hair had fallen into one eye, but with her hands bound with a cable tie and ankles shackled below the waterline, she couldn’t do much about it. He was already climbing into the bath, crouching above her, feeding his cock straight to the back of her throat. She took it gladly, hungry for him.

Then, with a push, he submerged her.

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Chapter 61: One Forbidden Night

Dave and Aphrodite had been planning to go to the Cool Club for, ooh, well, about 18 months? They’d applied for membership but after running into the owner at another munch, he’d fast-tracked them. Good thing too, because not long after that it started its meteoric rise to being the place for the young and perverted to play. But Dave and Aphrodite had struggled to find shared time to attend. Until they finally pinned down a date…

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Chapter 60: From Play to Play

As kinky weeks went, it had been a good one. She’d gone from struggling with how things stood between her and Dave, to feeling once again secure in his hands, to being physically his at last. And there was nothing better than that.

The week had started with a brilliant experience: taking her kinky card game to the local board games munch to test it out. Dave had instructed her to design a game a very long time ago – in fact it was one of the first big projects he gave her. She’d worked on it sporadically, and even made a prototype, but that had been in a drawer for some months. Finally, she had the chance to try it.

Three strangers agreed to help her, and together they played a whole game. Some feedback was good – the humour of her cards, the general concept of collecting fun kinky things – but there was still some work to be done on the level of interactivity. She was grateful for the criticism. Despite the shortcomings of this version, watching people engage with something she made herself was incredible. As they turned over each card and read the instructions before smiling and raising eyebrows – as alliances began to form – as the game drew to a gripping conclusion – she was absolutely alight with the thrill of seeing her idea come to life. Dave had given her an incredible gift in sparking the idea and supporting her to make it reality.

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